"Professionalism, trust-based relations and results are our trademarks." Uri Shimoni, President of Petrus Aviation and CEO of the Petrus Group

Petrus Aviation was created in 1979 and has since been representing foreign companies in Israel and abroad. As the extension of Petrus Group, Petrus Aviation establishes industrial co-operations, worldwide marketing, and M&A initiations.


With over 38 years of experience and expertise in representation and sales, Petrus Aviation maintains an impressive track record of sales and wins for many foreign companies, mainly in the USA and Europe. Petrus Aviation has expanded its activities into various technologies and business areas, which include:

  • Representing and providing consultation to many companies, mainly in the USA.
  • Supporting marketing and sales of hi-tech, avionics, E-O, radars, industrial systems and components, security systems and products.
  • Supporting technology transfers and joint ventures in the international market.
  • Supporting cooperation between the Israeli industries and other foreign companies in the fields of R&D and production.
  • Sales of technical products and components to Industry OEMs as well as to end users.
  • Representing Israeli companies in the worldwide market.
  • Investments and commerce of intellectual properties.
  • Programs management.

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E-mail: petrus@petrusgroup.com
attention Mr. Avi Mor.