Services and Areas of Interest

Petrus Group has expanded its activities into various technologies and business areas, among them:

    • Representing and providing consultation to many companies, mainly in the USA.
    • Supporting marketing and sales of hi-tech, avionics, E-O, radars, industrial systems and components, security systems and products.
    • Supporting marketing and sales of aerospace materials and components.
    • Supporting technology transfers and joint ventures in the international markets.
    • Supporting cooperation between the Israeli industries and other foreign companies in the fields of R&D and production.
    • Sales of technical products and components to Industry OEMs as well as to end users.
    • Representing Israeli companies in the worldwide market.
    • Investments and commerce of intellectual properties.
    • Programs management.

Areas of interest

  • Navigation-Air sea and land
  • Stabilization
  • Special and standard antennas
  • Masts in all types and prices
  • IFF (Identification Friend Foe
  • Military Aircraft spares>
  • Various consoles design and production
  • Atomic clocks
  • Jet engines + turboprop and turboshaft + APU
  • Compressors and pneumatic systems
  • Launch systems for aircrapts and UAV
  • Pyrotechniques and ejection seats